Aheritage of smallness essay

Over time, tensions increasingly built up between the conquistadors who had originally conquered Peru and those who arrived later to stake some claim in the new Spanish province. As a result, conquistadors were torn into two factions—one run by Pizarro, and the other by his former associate, Diego Almagro. After taking Cuzco, Almagro engaged Pizarro and his brothers in the Battle of Las Salinas. Upon the Pizarro brothers' victory, in 1538, Hernando Pizarro captured and executed Almagro. On June 26, 1541, in Lima, Peru, members of the defeated party avenged Almagro's death by assassinating Francisco Pizarro.

Caribbean content creators have a message: they want people from outside of the Caribbean to know that there are creatives within the region who can produce content that rivals theirs. And, most importantly, they want people within the Caribbean to know that their stories are worth sharing and telling. This period is, arguably, the Caribbean’s creative renaissance, and the time to pay attention is now. Nash captures this sentiment best when she says, “It’s important for us to…help fellow content creators, whether it’s here in Jamaica or Trinidad or they’re part of the diaspora in Canada, to come out of the woodworks and be proud in their Caribbean heritage, whatever that looks like, and tell their stories. Because their stories are funny and meaningful and dramatic and relevant and authentic, and people care.”

Aheritage of smallness essay

a heritage of smallness essay


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