Act to sat essay conversion

Honestly, unless you’re in the education business, you probably don’t care too much about the details. The short version: the ACT is trying to fit the CORE curriculum in the long-term hope of becoming a viable high school equivalency exam. By providing an essay that more closely matches and tests CORE standards, they’re hoping that they’ll continue dominating the SAT and become the obvious choice for American high school students. Again, this is amazing news. The CORE is extremely straightforward (and doesn’t incorporate any “tricks” or logical reasoning elements).

Science Questions
One major difference in the new SAT versus ACT test is that there’s no specific Science section on the new SAT. However, some of the skills you use in science class are tested in other sections on the new SAT. For instance, in the Math section you’re often asked to analyze the information given on a chart or graph, and the Reading section contains passages that cover science-related topics. The ACT does have a section of Science questions – earth science, chemistry, and biology are among the sciences found on the ACT. You must answer a total of 40 questions in 35 minutes in the Science section of the ACT.

Act to sat essay conversion

act to sat essay conversion


act to sat essay conversionact to sat essay conversionact to sat essay conversionact to sat essay conversion