Ap spanish exam essay examples

Last year was drought period for both subject, hardly  4 MCQs from Geography and 6 questions Polity . [however, in mains both subjects are very important for GSM-1 and GSM-2 respectively.] Geography for prelim’17 Polity for prelim’17

  • IYB : ch1 (Land and People), (subtopic- Minerals), States & UT
  • Theory : Rajtanil’s lecture series , and NCERTs , And within that, class 11 Indian physical geography book MUST, because Min. 1 question always comes.
  • World Geography: focus Asia, Africa. Because in mains also, the questions centered around these regions only.
  • Current : universe related discoveries and disasters.
  • IYB : Ch3 (Polity), 20 (Law), 28 (welfare)
  • Laxmikanth’s Indian Polity
  • If time, Laxmikanth’s Governance in India : do only the chapters related to “bodies”, “rights issues”, “union and state administration” [last year chief Secretary question]. Leave- public policy and foreign Constitutions for mains.
  • Current Affairs: whatever material you’re using + last one year . from Jan 2016.
  • If time, NCERT: Social Science, Political Science class11, 12. [ free download ]
Priority order for Revision
  1. Given UPSC’s backbreaking moves TM and Double-bluffs TM . the tendency to do opposite and unpredictable than what candidates and coaching-walla are expecting…therefore, you should prepare all subjects diligently.
  2. However, should a point come wherein you’re hard-pressed for allotting time and energy, the priority order can be like following [presuming that UPSC maintains the same ‘trend’ as 2016]:
Envi & Agri. > Economy >IR & Defense > History & Culture >Science > Geography [because synergy with Agri and Environment] > Polity > Paper-II

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Ap spanish exam essay examples

ap spanish exam essay examples


ap spanish exam essay examplesap spanish exam essay examplesap spanish exam essay examplesap spanish exam essay examples