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What unites us at Rentschler, is the passion for what we do. As a full-service CDMO we are your outsourcing partner for the bioprocess development, cGMP manufacturing and aseptic filling of biopharmaceuticals as well as for the elaboration of approval strategies for your products. Thanks to our many years of experience, the quality of our consulting services, and our expertise in finding solutions, we are among the top suppliers in our field.
Founded in 1927, Rentschler is a privately owned and independent company. Our company structure guarantees rapid decision-making and efficient, smooth-running processes, and consequently keeping project timelines.
Already in the early beginnings of biotechnology, Rentschler has built up a reputation with the development of different Interferon products (Fiblaferon, Polyferon).
Nowadays, our attention is firmly focused on your products. For the success of your project we can refer to our experience in various molecules like antibodies, fusion proteins or enzymes. Thanks to our focus on innovations, we are always on the cutting edge of technologies.

How Doctors Think
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And due to the student-centeredness that critical pedagogy insists upon, there are inherent conflicts associated with the "large collections of top-down content standards in their disciplines". [8] Critical pedagogy advocates insist that teachers themselves are vital to the discussion about Standards-based education reform in the United States because a pedagogy that requires a student to learn or a teacher to teach externally imposed information exemplifies the banking model of education outlined by Freire where the structures of knowledge are left unexamined. To the critical pedagogue, the teaching act must incorporate social critique alongside the cultivation of intellect.

Critical minds

critical minds


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