How to publish my book

Amazing article! I took the leap and became an independent publisher of my own book for all the reason you listed. Hired editor, inside designer, cover designer, and now a publicist. It’s been a huge learning process but really fun too. I wish I would have read this earlier for those days I questioned myself. Still working on continuing to build the platform. Am considering an audiobook after reading this. Wondering your thoughts on paying for reviews with Kirkus and Publishers Select (if picked). Both have different processes for self-published books. Congrats on your continued success! -Megan Bearce, LMFT author of Super Commuter Couples: Staying Together When A Job Keeps You Apart.

There is no way to count the time costs at all, other than perhaps calculating what my last paid job was worth to me per hour and then transfer that hourly rate to the time spent writing, rewriting, editing (any glaring mistakes and punctuation only). From the time I decided to write, it has been a labour of love – another phrase for volunteer work, I think – along with financial sacrifice, criticism from well-meaning friends, and so forth. I’m sure most of you have experienced similar situations.
Yet, I do it for the love of writing and learning all the additional aspects of publishing a book successfully – working double-figure hours, or more per day. If I did that at my old job, the boss would have had to pay a lot of overtime.
Having said all that, I agree that at such a critical time – before publishing, I can’t go and do my story short by skimping on editing and proofreading costs. So, I’ve taken on contract cleaning to pay for my editor. A menial job – some would say – but to me it’s a means to a successful end. Thanks for your honest insight. 🙂

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How to publish my book

how to publish my book


how to publish my bookhow to publish my bookhow to publish my bookhow to publish my book