Jesus christ thesis statement

In short, God's Plan included taking a people and making them an example for all time. These very wayward and spiritually backward people were inviting to themselves, as well as being unprotected from, the influence of low and debased spirits, due to their lack of moral and spiritual standards. To these people God gave a set of strict laws for their own benefit and disciplining, . Mosaic Law, which He gave to spiritual beings to pass on to a mediating human (:19) . Also to these people He sent messages and instructions through dedicated and disciplined mediums or prophets (instruments of Spirit-Power). These messages were for various reasons, the most vital reason being the foretelling of the birth of Christ, His life, His death, His resurrection, and what He would achieve by all of this: demonstration of God's love for His children and their ultimate salvation.

Dr. Richard Patterson is an Old Testament scholar who has specialized in ancient Semitic languages during his career. He was involved in the translations of the New Living Translation, the Holman Christian Standard Bible, and is currently working on the revision for the New International Version. He has written close to 150 journal articles, critical reviews, and Hebrew dictionary entries. Concerning Genesis 1:14, Dr. Patterson comments, “The KJV translates this verse in a wooden sense. However, if we want to understand the original sense of the Hebrew, the NIV and NLT provide a more accurate rendering. Moreover, a look at the occurrences of this word throughout the Old Testament reveals that it is not used in the sense of astrological signs even one time outside of our verse in question.”(19)

Jesus christ thesis statement

jesus christ thesis statement


jesus christ thesis statementjesus christ thesis statementjesus christ thesis statementjesus christ thesis statement