Llm thesis uk

The program also benefits students who wish to improve their education for professional advancement in other countries (. Eastern Europe). Students completing the program will be uniquely positioned to take advantage of a European auditor qualification (or passport) if such a program becomes available in the future. Finally, experienced auditors who wish to acquire additional qualifications in order to enhance their mobility may also benefit from the program. Core Program March 21st, 2017 admin modules Modules Country Specific Modules are designed to provide students with exposure to the appropriate national law, tax, and accounting practices that are necessary for licensing in a specific country. Select in addition one out of three elective modules that are tailored to a specific country, or alternatively select a thesis topic.

During the programme you will be required to study taught modules and write a dissertation which together will total 180 master level credits. The dissertation, of ,000 words, is worth 60 credits and can be written on a topic of your choice, under the supervision of an expert in your chosen field. Students following a specialist pathway must complete their dissertation on a subject relevant to that pathway. Remaining credits are obtained from a combination of taught modules, the majority of which comprise 30 credits and are taught across the first two terms.

Llm thesis uk

llm thesis uk


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