Mormon essay

There is not room here for detailed study of further examples of scholarly defenses of the Book of Mormon. But there are many more which do merit attention. John Welch has argued for an ancient vorlage based on chiastic structures in the Book of Mormon. (33) Donald W. Parry, professor of Hebrew at BYU and a member of the International Dead Sea Scrolls Editing Team, has published an exhaustive study of Hebrew poetic structures in the Book of Mormon text. (34) Roger R. Keller, a former Presbyterian minister armed with a . in Biblical Studies from Duke University, has written a monograph arguing on the basis of distinctive word usages that the Book of Mormon cannot be the product of a single nineteenth-century author, but rather is the product of several ancient writers. (35) John Tvedtnes, senior project manager for FARMS, has written technical studies on Hebraisms and Isaiah variants in the Book of Mormon. (36) Several studies involving form-critical analysis also require some attention. Stephen D. Ricks, Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Languages at BYU, has written a detailed article discussing King Benjamin's coronation in Mosiah 1-6 against the backdrop of ancient Near Eastern treaty literature. (37) Blake T. Ostler has examined the account of Lehi's vision in I Nephi 1 against the backdrop of the "call form" in similar theophanies in the Hebrew Bible and Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. (38) There are many more studies which could be mentioned, but this should suffice to demonstrate that LDS academians are producing serious research which desperately needs to be critically examined from an informed evangelical perspective.

Mormon stories resonates with a wide spectrum of believers, those who hang on and those who have left…but I have seen a shift in the podcast that leans to a stronger “churchy” flavor. No doubt you have developed some relationships with those beyond the rank and file….I hope the church can find a middle way – I have severe doubts about that happening although I feel you are helping. My question is….why did you not post the Tom Phillips interview to the website. To me that was the quintessential interview. Wow! I speculate that it was let out the back door for a reason….thank you . You’ve got me scratching my head. I served as a Bishop for 6 years and a number of other key positions in leadership….during this interview I laughed, cried and felt the rage of the issues. I had read his story on the board but that did not effect me like hearing Tom in this live interview. I’ve listened to all the mormon stories and ME podcasts (I miss John Larsen)….this interview was by FAR my favorite…it really resonated for me….and I’m not alone here.

Mormon essay

mormon essay


mormon essaymormon essaymormon essaymormon essay