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ACM (Association of Computing Machinery)

ACM along with IEEE is the biggest computing society in the world for scholars and enthusiasts alike.
Founded in 1949 in New York as a medium to channel the increasing interest in computing machinery at that time , it now consists of hundreds of thousand members , becoming the largest platform for all that revolves around computer science. ACM comprises of 3 primary chapters namely
Special interest chapter, Professional Chapters, and Student Chapters, of which we are the last.
In a nutshell, ACM is the leading resource for advancing the skills of information technology professionals and for interpreting and furthering the impact of computer science on the entire world.
The ACM student chapter of College of engineering was established in 2007 and we haven't looked back since.


I also think that whenever you want to use the word “poor” in public, you (or anyone!) would do well to clarify the following two things:
*By “poor,” here, it sounds to me like you’re actually talking about Larry Winget’s “broke” — people who are middle (or maybe working) class and are overspending, rather than people living in actual crushing poverty. Maybe it’s cheesy, but I feel like at least giving the nod to that fact is a good plan.
*Systematized oppression happens. Sure, some people don’t get opportunities through sheer bad luck, or through not doing things to increase their exposure. Some people don’t get them because they have the “wrong” gender, skin color, or sexual preference, because they speak with an accent or have disabilities. Or because they were brought up in a working-class family and so their behavior is not just like that of the middle-class people holding the jobs they aspire to. These are all things that people — consciously or not! — make decisions based on, and that means that for some people, the kind of lucky break that can make a big difference is much harder to come by. I feel like acknowledging the role these kinds of discrimination play is also probably a generally good idea.

Accommodations can be made for students with special needs and time constraints can be lessened. However, going through the process of obtaining special accommodations could take many months. Parents will need to schedule a battery of tests, obtain the diagnostician’s report for their student, arrange for and implement accommodations at school, and have these accommodations in use in the school setting for a minimum of four months (College Board rule). When applying for special accommodations please keep in mind the time it takes for the College Board to process and grant/deny the request. Families may be limited to working with the school’s calendar/timetable for testing, ARDs and creating IEPs. Ideally, the process of preparing for standardized tests should start in the student’s freshman or sophomore year, to allow time for the College Board accommodations to be in place before the PSAT/NNSQT in the student’s junior year. For more information about forms, eligibility and documentation please visit http:///ssd/prof/physical- or call (609) 771-7137.

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