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Above: Early on in the meal, a wooden bowl is placed on the table. Inside this bowl are a bunch of flowers: cucumber flowers, rocket flowers, bean flowers that are most often left unpicked and uneaten. flowers float atop a clear cold masa broth, made of nixtamal water—that is, the water used to soak corn before grinding it and turning it into tortillas—mussel juice, fermented fungus water (koji water, nerds) and green tamarind flesh. Atop the water, grilled habanero oil forms small floating embassies of spice. It is a very good thing.

Given the popularity of Lucha libre throughout all classes of the Mexican society, many wrestlers, both male and female, have reached the cult status, showing up in movies, TV shows or video games. However, almost all female Lucha libre fighters in Mexico are amateur part-time wrestlers or housewives. Passing through the dirty remote areas in the peripheries, listening to the obscene screams and insults from the mainly male audience, these no-name luchadoras fight straight on the street and charge about 10 US dollars for a show. Still, most of the young luchadoras train hard and wrestle virtually anywhere dreaming to escape from the poverty and to become a star worshipped by the modern Mexican society.

Photo essay mexico

photo essay mexico


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