Rice residential college essay

Rice Rugby had a successful period during the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, winning multiple Texas championships and producing players such as Mike Glass ('87) and Brannan Smoot ('89) who went on to play for the . national rugby team . [11] Rice rugby has been supported since 1996 by the Rice Rugby Alumni Association, which established an endowment fund in 1999 and since then has provided financial support to the team. [12] Rice Rugby advanced to the national playoffs in the spring of 1997 and again in the spring of 2000. [13]

Today, the word “master” is used in so, so many different contexts other than slavery. Think about it: The Masters, master bedroom, MasterChef . (Perhaps we should change those names as well? I nominate “Big Golf Thing,” “the biggest bedroom in the house bedroom” and “ The Chef That Is the Best Chef Out of All These Chef Contestants ,” just to, you know, avoid any potential “negative connotations.”) Oh, and “mastermind.” I guess we had better start saying “the mind that had the most to do with the thing.” The word “master” can describe having talent in pretty much any area — are all of these uses going to become offensive, too? The word “master” plays such a large role in the English language — just how much are we going to have to change our current dictionary?

Rice residential college essay

rice residential college essay


rice residential college essayrice residential college essayrice residential college essayrice residential college essay