Stealing carol ann duffy essays

“I'm ten years away” is confusing (does “away” mean before this or yet to come?) but the second stanza's “I'm not here yet” shows us that the scene at the start of the poem comes before the birth of the poet. Duffy imagines a scene she can only know from her mother's or other people's accounts of it. Marilyn, Carol Ann Duffy's mother, stands laughing with her friends on a Glasgow street corner. Thinking of the wind on the street and her mother's name suggests to Duffy the image of Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blown up by an air vent (a famous scene in the film The Seven Year Itch ). She recalls her mother as young and similarly glamorous, the “polka-dot dress” locating this scene in the past.

I have this book ready and waiting as a feast of glorious book production values along with page after page of colour that pleases the eye and prose to match, and now I have Alex Preston's presentation to remember. This was an interesting talk to follow on from Stephen Moss this morning, a literary bird trail at Budleigh along with a thoughtful take on the act of 'birding' (not twitching apparently). Mindfulness is something birders have been doing since time immemorial and one of the many bonuses of Alex Preston's talk was the highlighting of the poetry of Mary Oliver.

Stealing carol ann duffy essays

stealing carol ann duffy essays


stealing carol ann duffy essaysstealing carol ann duffy essaysstealing carol ann duffy essaysstealing carol ann duffy essays