Thesis of the wordy shipmates

If I went to a doctor and said “Tell me how to diagnose a patient,” or I went to a judge and said “Tell me how to interpret the law,” or I went to an artist and said “Tell me how to be creative,” do you think they would be able give me a few sentences that completely answer my question and prepare me for professional work as a doctor, judge, or artist? If they had spent years as students learning their subject matter, and additional years teaching or writing a textbook on their specialty, they might be very good in their professions but I’d bet they’d all find it tough to answer such a question in any meaningful way.

For as Vowell strains to celebrate Roger Williams’ iconoclasm, she does not do so through careful treads through his profligate production, nor does she do so by picking through his complicated representation throughout . history. Instead, to inspire her subjects, to move her audience to know, she makes Roger Williams a Sean Penn in Tom Cruise’s world. That she must spoon the subject with celebrity sugar to make the intellectual medicine go down isn’t just compromising to historical complexity. It is one of the many ways we’ve found ourselves here, on hillsides populated with readers who know more about Beyoncé than Byzantium, Buber, or bodhisattvas. It doesn’t take a hipster to know that Ronald Reagan wasn’t just the product of wrong politics, but of wrong analogies. After all, if the Israelites are a little like the blues, why can’t an actor be a little like president?

The main idea of each paragraph should be stated in a topic sentence. The topic sentence should appear as the first sentence in each paragraph. It directly supports your thesis statement, developing the ideas previewed in the introductory paragraph. It acts as a guidepost for your readers, making it easy to follow your discussion. Each detail in the paragraph should work to support or develop this topic sentence. Any details that do not support topic sentences should be revised, moved, or deleted.

Thesis of the wordy shipmates

thesis of the wordy shipmates


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