Undergraduate honours thesis

Attestation of Your Educational Documents
If you completed your high school in the UAE , the original or a certified true copy of your parchment and the detailed transcript of the marks you have obtained must be authenticated by the school at which you have studied in the UAE and by The Ministry of Education of the UAE.

If you completed your high school outside the UAE ,  you may apply and will be conditionally accepted by EAHM.  However, you must still have your educational documents certified by the following authorities:

1)  Official education authorities of the country where the certificate is awarded such as The Ministry of Education, Education Councils, British Council etc.

2)  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the certificate is awarded.

3)  Embassy of the UAE in the country where the certificate is awarded or the embassy of such country in the UAE.

Detailed learning outcomes and syllabus
You must include the learning outcomes and syllabus of the courses from your university which you would like to transfer to EAHM. An assessment will be made based on these documents submitted and it will determine the number of credits that can be transferred. 

Scanned Coloured Copy of Your Passport & 1 JPEG Passport Photo
Please submit a scanned coloured copy of your passport and 1 JPEG passport photo.

Personal Statement of Motivation
This personal essay is an important part of your application. Allow us to get to know you better and understand the reasons why you are interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry. This statement should be between 300 - 500 words and typewritten.

Other Documents
Any other additional documents which you would like to include such as academic awards, employment certificates, achievements etc.  

To graduate "With Honors," students must 1) take at least 45 credit hours of honors courses, or about one third of their total academic courses; 2) engage in at least one "Beyond the Classroom" experience (study abroad, internship, research, or service learning); and 3) complete a senior thesis. Most students in fact take significantly more honors courses than required. To graduate "With Honors," students must also maintain a sliding GPA, which goes from as a freshman to at graduation. (The average GPA in the Honors College last year was above .) Students who fail to maintain the minimum GPA or who do not make satisfactory progress toward graduating "With Honors" are placed on probation and given guidance toward improving their grades.

Undergraduate honours thesis

undergraduate honours thesis


undergraduate honours thesisundergraduate honours thesisundergraduate honours thesisundergraduate honours thesis